CWA D1 New Jersey

About CWA District 1 

CWA District 1 represents 145,000 workers in 200 CWA local unions in New Jersey, New York, New England, and eastern Canada, including 70,000 workers in New Jersey. CWA members work in telecommunications, health care, higher education, manufacturing, broadcast and cable television, commercial printing and newspapers, state, local, and country government. In New Jersey, we represent 35,000 State workers.

By standing together in our union, we are powerful and able to negotiate good contracts with job security, quality affordable health benefits, and many other terms and conditions of our employment including vacation time, sick leave, health and safety protections, and wage increases. In NJ, we also have a funded and guaranteed pension because CWA members have mobilized for a secure retirement with dignity.

D1 has been a leader in supporting community-labor alliances like Jobs With Justice and Citizen Action New Jersey. In New Jersey, our state worker locals have waged strong fights against attacks on the public sector by former Governor Chris Christie, and helped elect pro-worker State legislators - including re-electing Governor Phil Murphy - who put working families first.

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Last week CWAers in New Jersey participated in a sit-in to support Starbucks workers who are organizing for a union - and currently fighting off tough anti-union tactics from the company.
Addressing serious concerns about workplace safety as COVID-19 infections continue sweeping through New Jersey, as well as discipline of workers on the rise, CWA Local 1088 members have stepped up to put their mobilization and solidarity on display.

Endorses 8 Sitting Representatives…Plus Menendez for CD-8