The build-out of affordable high speed Internet to every American household, business, and community, along with programs to ensure that every American has the skills needed to participate fully in our digital society, remain critical tasks for our nation.
District 1 swept the COPE Awards at Convention this year. Click to see how we did. Also, join COPE now and be entered to win a trip to Las Vegas!
A minority of US Senators are using procedural tactics to stop progress that is overwhelmingly supported by the American people and desperately needed to get America back to work.
View the details of the agreement reached between CWA, IBEW and Verizon Management earlier this year
Thanks to CWA's successful Verizon Strategic Industry Fund campaign, the House of Representatives voted to close the Reverse Morris Trust tax loophole that has allowed Verizon and other companies to spin off parts of their operations tax-free.
The changes to health care passed by Congress will have positive effects on all Americans. Read on to find out how you will benefit from the new law.
CWA leadership, locals and our members have led the opposition to the excise tax. From the start, CWA leaders made it clear that a tax on workers' health care was the wrong way to finance health care reform. We fought against this plan in the Senate and supported our friends in the House of Representatives who outlined better ways to finance health care reform. We supported Connecticut House Representative Joe Courtney in obtaining 190 signatures on a letter opposing the excise tax.
CWA released yesterday summaries of 18 studies, reports and analyses challenging the tax on high-cost health plans included in the Senate's health reform bill. The reports come from medical journals, from benefits consultants who work for employers, and from health policy think tanks.