Team CWA was out in force this weekend in Newark to knock on doors and talk to voters about re-electing Mayor Ras Baraka! Primary Election Day is coming up on Tuesday, May 10 - have you made your plan to vote yet? In addition to Mayor Baraka, CWA is also endorsing:

  • LaMonica McIver - Central Ward Council - 2C

  • Dupre Kelly - West Ward City Council - 4C

Starbucks workers throughout the country have been absolutely on fire over the past several months, voting to unionize in droves, kicked off by a massive win at several stores in Buffalo, NY in December, 2021.

CWA Local 1080 workers at the Union County Division of Social Services in New Jersey have been fighting for a fair contract and demanding fair raises, to reduce the high cost of health care, and to address the high cost of living in their county. Members have flooded County Commissioners meetings, they have picketed at lunchtime, and they wear red every Thursday. The previous contract expired in June of 2020.

Big Wins in the New York State 2023 Budget: CWA members have made hundreds of calls and sent thousands of emails to advocate for our priorities in the New York State budget - and we won on several major campaigns!

The budget, finalized and voted on on April 9th, includes:

1. High-Quality Broadband and Good Jobs in the Industry - NYS is getting $1.6 Billion in State and Federal funding for broadband work. We fought to ensure this funding has strong labor labor standards, including:

On Friday, April 22nd CWA Local 1180 members at the National Audubon Society held a rally at the organization’s headquarters in Manhattan to gather petition signatures and demand a fair contract and end to union-busting!

258 CWA members in NJ are celebrating a groundbreaking contract victory and unanimous ratification at the Middlesex County Board of Social Services! These county welfare agency workers are responsible for distributing critical aid to residents in need such as SNAP (formerly called Food Stamps), healthcare coverage via Medicaid, and cash assistance to help cover rent.  

Nurses across the nation have been following the trial and ultimate verdict of RaDonda Vaught, the Vanderbilt University Medical Center nurse who was convicted of gross neglect and criminally negligent homicide for a fatal drug error. On December 26, 2017, Vaught overrode the hospital’s computerized drug dispensing system and pulled the wrong medication for her patient. The wrong medication was given and resulted in the death of the patient.

CWAers Rally to Support Second Amazon Warehouse Organizing Effort

After pouring more than $4.3 million into union-busting efforts over the past year, Amazon executives may have been hoping that the news out of Staten Island on April 1st was just an April Fool’s joke - instead, the year-long effort by Amazon warehouse workers became a reality, as the workers voted 2,654 to 2,131 to form a union - the Amazon Labor Union - the first by Amazon workers in the country!

Local 1032, Middlesex County Social Services

CWA Local 1032 members at Middlesex County Social Services - workers with assistance programs such as Medicaid, Food Stamps (SNAP), child support and other general and emergency assistance programs - took to the streets again last week to demand a fair contract nearly two years after their contract expired.