D1 Newsletter

Governor Mills signed new legislation into law on May 13th that will increase protections for the state’s working people.
Throughout the world, May 1st has historically been a day of protest and celebration of the people that work to make our communities strong. CWA members throughout District 1 used this year’s May Day to celebrate workers as well as to lift ourselves and our fellow workers up.
31,000 Stop & Shop workers faced off with a multi-billion dollar company last month and came away with a victory, proving once again how much power there is when working people stand together in a union.
Threatened, cursed at, spit on, bullied. Harassed. Assaulted. All while on the job.
After years of advocating for legislation to protect call center workers in New York we’re closer than ever to victory, but we need to make a serious push to get it done.
Maine workers scored a huge victory last week with the passage of a bill that will require businesses to give more advanced notice before any closures and layoffs.
Graduate workers and research assistants at the State University of New York-Stony Brook hit the pavement on April 6th to speak out about their egregiously low pay and increasing fees.
We will continue to stand in solidarity with Amazon workers fighting to improve their workplace here in Staten Island and at Amazon facilities across the city.
CWA members from across the country came together last week in Washington, D.C. for the We the People summit, a gathering of nearly 1,400 labor and community activists focusing on the fight to strengthen our democracy.
The EEO settlement is the culmination of a years-long battle on behalf of Administrative Managers represented by Local 1180, in which it was found that there had been pay discrepancies for women and people of color within that job title working for the City of New York.