Hetty’s Labor Day Message: Resist!

In case you missed it, CWA State Director Hetty Rosenstein wrote a Labor Day post for bluejersey.com that turned some heads.  Here are some excerpts.  To see the whole article, click here.

"We didn't choose to fight for Workers' Rights and Human Rights because it's easy.  We didn't make the decision to be Union because it's a career.  We are part of the fight for labor and human rights because our cause is great and crucial.  We take up our task each day against the odds because without this fight, without a living breathing resistance movement, there will nothing left to the American Dream but a dream."

"We are proudly fighting back.  In Wisconsin, we waged a daily fight against not only the destruction of collective bargaining, but against the destruction of all aspects of the social contract - the destruction of the very idea of the public good.  In Ohio, the Progressive Movement did the impossible - it gathered over a million signatures on a petition to put the question of public sector collective bargaining on the ballot. In these two states, we see our Movement at its finest: united, militant, fearless, and joyful.  David vs. the Goliath of corporate control and crushing authoritarianism."  

"On the East coast, CWA and the IBEW just waged the largest strike in decades.  And just in case anyone thinks that strike was any less a victory because we do not yet have a contract with Verizon - let me mention that the old contract has been extended indefinitely and for the first time in months bargaining is actually taking place.  Best of all this strike and our current fight with Verizon has not been waged as organized labor vs. "the Company" but as the Middle Class vs. the poster child for corporate greed. In that fight, let's all hope that the middle class wins."