State Issues

State Issues

Thousands of State Workers Will Picket State Offices in Protest of Unfair Budget Cuts

WOODBRIDGE, NJ -- Thousand of members of the Communications Workers of America will take to the streets on Thursday, March 18, to protest Governor Christie's devastating proposed budget cuts.
At dozens of sites around the state, workers will be holding signs saying:
"Christie's cuts hurt NJ"
"Christie's Budget Hurts the Vulnerable; Protects the Millionaires"

CWA Responds to Christie Budget Address

Tough Times Call for Shared Sacrifice, Undermining Civil Service System Invites Corruption

WOODBRIDGE, NJ – New Jersey’s largest union representing public workers responded today to Gov. Christie’s budget address.  Hetty Rosenstein, state director for the Communications Workers of America, said:

CWA Takes Christie to Court Over Unconstitutional Restriction on Workers' Political Participation

TRENTON, NJ -- Four unions filed a legal challenge today to Gov. Christie's unilateral executive order that dramatically limits the ability of working families to participate in the political process in New Jersey. (View the brief by clicking here).

CWA New Jersey Area Director Hetty Rosenstein's Remarks at the State Worker Shop Steward Meeting in Trenton, January 20

CWA Area Director Hetty Rosenstein presented state worker shop stewards with an impassioned call to action to protect the Social Contract in New Jersey, and an analysis of the challenges facing public sector workers throughout the state.  The full text of the speech can be found here.

Legal Issues Surrounding the FY 2011 New Jersey State Budget

CWA's state worker shop stewards from around the state met on January 20 at the War Memorial in Trenton.  For an analyis of some of the legal issues concerning the power of the governor and contracts with state workers, click here.

CWA Shop Stewards Will Meet to Discuss Fight Back Plan

More than 800 of CWA’s state worker shop stewards are set to meet on Wednesday, January 20th in Trenton to discuss a plan of action to confront attacks being made on state employees, and to discuss a "Fight Back" campaign.