National Issues

National Issues

Thank You to Assembly Member Diegnan & all our other allies!

Thank you to all the people that joined us on the picket line these past two weeks, we appreciate all your support! Check out this video from Assembly Member Diegnan, who joined us at an East Brunswick picket:

Did you take video of a rally or picket? Send it to us at

Verizon Workers On Strike

CWA and IBEW Verizon workers across the East Coast are on strike as bargaining talks stalled this weekend. Below is a statement from CWA Communications Director Candice Johnson:

Aug 8, 2011

A Message from Larry Cohen, CWA President

Dear Members,

Opposition to the Colombia trade deal keeps growing.

So far, more than 3,000 CWA members have spoken out against this bad deal that legitimizes Colombia's harsh and unfair labor system.

These letters are making a real impact. In the House of Representatives, many key Democrats have announced that they won't support a deal without a clear and concrete plan to improve Colombian workers' rights.

Verizon Workers Engage in Stakeholder Meetings

Verizon employees around the country took part in Workplace Stakeholder Meetings at worksites today. The actions, part of the mobilization campaign for the August 6th contract expiration, are taking place at the same time as the annual shareholder meeting in Indianapolis. They are designed to give workers and other “stakeholders” in the company the real facts about Verizon as opposed to what the shareholders will hear.

Lawmakers Face Angry Crowds After Vote to Dismantle Medicare

Republican lawmakers all over the country are meeting angry crowds in town hall meetings following their budget vote.