National Issues

National Issues

Hetty’s Labor Day Message: Resist!

In case you missed it, CWA State Director Hetty Rosenstein wrote a Labor Day post for that turned some heads.  Here are some excerpts.  To see the whole article, click here.

Verizon Lineman Suffers Fatal Injury

Douglas Lalima, a 37 year-old Verizon Lineman from Staten Island, died yesterday on the job. He was in a bucket truck working on power lines in Brownsville, Brooklyn, when he came into contact with a live wire and was electrocuted. Douglas was a member of Local 1109, and had 15 years on the job with Verizon. He leaves behind a wife and four daughters.

CWA Thanks Legislators for Supporting Verizon Workers

Hetty Rosenstein, CWA New Jersey Director and William Huber, IBEW President, Local 827, recently sent this letter to New Jersey legislators thanking them for supporting Verizon workers in contract negotiations. Click on the letter for a pdf of the document.

Our fight is not over! Leafletting outside Verizon Wireless & Apple Stores

Even though CWA workers are no longer picketing Verizon, that doesn't mean our fight is over. We are leafletting (but not picketing) Verizon Wireless and Apple stores to let prospective customers know they are supporting a corporation that does not support middle class workers. You can download this flier below & call 212-344-2515 to find a store near you to volunteer at.

Thank You to Assembly Member Diegnan & all our other allies!

Thank you to all the people that joined us on the picket line these past two weeks, we appreciate all your support! Check out this video from Assembly Member Diegnan, who joined us at an East Brunswick picket:

Did you take video of a rally or picket? Send it to us at